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May 16, 2010

Bread! Mmmm! There are a number of delicious, pre-made loaves available that are wheat-free. If gluten is your enemy, then your choices dwindle a little. Below are some of my thoughts on various wheat-free breads I have tried.

Free From
Probably one of the most popular is the Sainsbury’s Free From range, widely available in, errrm, Sainbury’s. Frankly, I’m not at all keen on it: it falls apart too easily if made into a sandwich and is otherwise quite bland. Not too bad for toast though. Most, if not all of the bread in this range is both wheat and gluten-free, but if memory serves, it contains yeast.

Rye bread
Most supermarkets will sell some kind of rye bread, but be warned: some brands contain wheat flour as well as rye and a lot of brands also contain yeast, so look at the ingredients list carefully. Rye, of course, contains gluten, so if you are sensitive to gluten, this may not be for you. One of the nicest loaves of any bread I have ever tasted comes from the Artisan bakery (see below) which contains only rye flour, water and sea salt. Delicious: try it if you get a chance!

Artisan produce a large range of really tasty, good quality breads. Yes, it costs a little more than other brands, but that’s because it tastes so good! Their wheat-free and gluten-free ranges are diverse: they make rice bread, quinoa bread and rye bread as well as spelt and kamut bread. Some people who can’t eat normal wheat may be okay with spelt wheat. Note that some of their gluten-free breads contain wheat that has had the gluten removed.

Corn bread
Take a look at my recipe! It’s incredibly quick and easy to make. It’s gluten-free and yeast-free and very versatile. Beware that most corn bread in shops, cafes and restaurants contain cows’ milk and sugar, so check before you order if this concerns you.

Easy bakers
Lakeland sell some brilliantly versatile bread mix called Easy Bakers. It’s from Australia and can be used to make wheat-free loaves, rolls, muffins and more. It seems fairly expensive at about £6 per pack but each pack contains enough mix for four loaves.

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