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May 16, 2010

If you like beer, then try Green’s gluten-free range that includes lager, bitter and stout. I’ve tried the lager and it’s quite drinkable but it does have a very distinct taste that takes some getting used to. I saw it in one of my local pubs (The Chambers) and while ago and also in a number of supermarkets.


Some other beers worth trying are Budwiser, Coors and Guiness which are all allegedly wheat-free at the time of writing according to Note that they may contain barley which contains a very similar protein to wheat gluten which many people who have coeliacdisease are also intolerant to. Another beer definitely worth a look is Singha which I’ve read somewhere is wheat-free but can’t find the reference.


Whilst researching beer (hehe!), I came across an interesting review of gluten-free beer at Another useful site was which has a section of FAQs devoted to alcohol.
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