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May 16, 2010

I love the occasional takeaway but since I have to avoid milk and wheat products, it can be tricky getting one that I can eat without too many consequences. When ordering, a lot of takeaway restaurants will only be too happy to leave out certain things or to check on the exact ingredients. Here’s a few things that a takeaway may contain:

Soy sauce is made with wheat as is monosodiumglutimate (MSG). Some restaurants will be able to use tamari sauce instead of soya sauce; most will be able to cook without MSG.

Ghee is usually made from butter that has been clarified. A lot of Indian restaurants will be able to cook with vegetable oil instead of ghee.

A friend of mine loves pizza but hates cheese so he orders pizza without cheese and the pizza restaurant obliges and puts extra sauce and veggie toppings on for him. Dominos (and I’ve heard, Pizza Hut as well) now do great wheat-free bases option for their pizzas. I have tried two so far and they were fantastic. The bases tasted like a light crispy base. Worth trying.

If you do cook and are weary of takeaway food, why not freeze leftover curry, chilli, chinese, etc, ready for a quick re-heat instead of a takeaway? Alternatively, why not think to yourself, ‘What can I cook in the time it would take to deliver a takeaway?’ The takeaways I’ve had usually take around 40 minutes to arrive, contain too much oil and salt for my palette and sometimes are below average in taste. So, with this in mind, I’d often rather see what I can cook (or defrost and reheat) inside 40 minutes and save a little money.

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